Welcome to Tourism SPAC,

This SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation- is intended to acquire a portfolio of companies in the field of tourism who provide alternative spectacular ways of lodging or transportation such as underwater hotels, airships, submarine tours and many more. to consolidate them in extraordinary holidays and party packages.

This is where we strive to offer customers the ultimate chance to make their getaway trip with a beloved or with friends and family truly special and memorable. We aim to deliver extraordinary holiday experiences like never before.

A New Age in Tourism

We are a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation intended to acquire and consolidate a large and diverse portfolio of companies in tourism that offer unique, spectacular, and alternative ways of transportation and lodgings like exquisite underwater hotels and submarine tours, to name a few. Through these extraordinary holiday experiences and party packages, we aspire to offer our customers enjoyable and unforgettable experiences that they can cherish for years to come.

However, to achieve what we aspire for, we seek long-term, ongoing, and trust-based partnerships at Tourism SPAC. We are excited to work with like-minded partners and investors who can collaborate with us and arrange the capital needed to acquire a large portfolio of companies in the tourism industry.

Be a Part of The Journey

We have embarked on the journey to deliver extraordinary holidays to customers after a great deal of legwork, due diligence, and research. Hence, when you invest in our company or collaborate with us, rest assured it will give you tons of opportunities to grow and maximize returns on investments.

With us, you can easily diversify your investment portfolio and tap into more opportunities to grow, excel and thrive together. Submerged luxury underwater hotels and submarine tours will attract tourists and more revenues and give tourism a whole new meaning. As these ideas and concepts are in their early stages, there are plenty of opportunities to benefit from them. We are focused on this venture because it offers exceptional benefits to our end customers/tourists and our investors and partners alike.

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