Who We Are

At Tourism SPAC, we are strongly committed to transforming holiday experiences and taking the industry to a new level. We aim to deliver the best holiday memories to tourists and profitable growth opportunities to our partners and investors.

We are a company in the business for a win-win for everyone involved or associated with us in our venture to revolutionize the tourism industry for the better. We are a name you can trust.

What We Do

To give holiday experiences a whole new meaning, we are all set to acquire and consolidate companies in the field of tourism that offer alternative and spectacular ways to lodge and transport, such as submarine tours, airships, and underwater hotels.

For example, submarine tours are a great way for tourists to enjoy a dream adventure underwater and onboard a real submarine. It’s a lifetime experience where tourists can explore the underwater world by discovering beautiful marine life, historic shipwrecks, rich coral reefs, and diverse sea life.

Likewise, underwater hotels are havens for peace and tranquility. A fully submerged luxury underwater hotel with luxurious bedrooms or suites that look out into aquariums will truly make holiday experiences memorable.

Hence, by acquiring and consolidating companies in the tourist industry, we aim to provide end consumers (tourists) the best and extraordinary holidays in one place.


"To acquire companies offering alternative ways to transport and lodge and then skillfully combine them to deliver extraordinary holiday experiences under one roof."


"To become the go-to and industry-leading company for providing ultimate holiday trips and experiences."


Our core values are our guiding principles. These include:
  • To work with honesty and integrity and in the best interest of our investors, partners, and end consumers alike.
  • Research diligently and acquire companies that offer unique ways to lodge and transport in the tourism industry
  • Search for profitable investment opportunities for investors to grow their portfolio
  • Deliver delightful experiences to tourists